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Pronunciation of principal. How to say principal with audio by Macmillan Dictionary. principal​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌. adjective. /ˈprɪnsəp(ə)l/ 

13 Jan 2016 Remember the elementary school spelling adage: “the Principal is your pal?” Similarly, the word principal is used as either a noun or adjective  The words principal and principle are often confused by English speakers. Read this lesson to learn the principles of the principal meanings. 4 Feb 2016 What Is Mortgage Principal? The word principal means first; But when it comes to money; It is defined as the original amount invested or loaned  principal. Use our dictionary to check the spelling definitions of words. You can translate the dictionary words into your native language. This course teaches  First, let's figure out what part of speech the word is in the sentence above. Since it describes concern, which is a noun, it must be an adjective. The word principle   6 Apr 2009 The homophones principal and principle are often confused with each other. do so frequently, in which case you are more likely to know its spelling. I began with commas here (how not to use them, sometimes, #1). The Canadian spelling for words that use a double 'L' is below: Principal means head or leading figure (Queen's Principal Daniel Woolf), and it means first , 

It is all too easy to muddle up principal and principle as automatic spell checkers cannot. Principal (noun): the most important person in an organisation.

Principle vs. Principal - What's the Difference? Ginger ... Sarah was overjoyed to learn that she would become the orchestra’s principal cellist. Unfortunately, the principal investment is not exempt from tax relief. Plastic is the principal cause of ocean pollution. Are principle and principal related? As you can probably guess, principle and principal are related words. word choice - "Principal" vs "owner" - English Language ... “Principal” vs “owner” This is primarily the only reason you would use the word principal in the world of business. In Business terms, Principal has one meaning, you would be a part of a company with a financial interest in that company. If I cast the Sleep spell and there are multiple creatures with an equal (lowest) number of How do you spell principle - Answers How do you spell principal the head of a school? The spelling of the head of a school is correctly spelled, principal. (the homophone principle means a concept or tenet) Principal vs Principle - Difference Explained (with Video ...

12 Oct 2017 Principal” and “principle” are two similar terms that are very easy to confuse, and even connotation to its use, as rules of conduct and beliefs influence how people behave.

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How do you spell principle and interest? - Answers When referring to a loan how to do spell principle? The correct spelling is principal and interest. The principal is normally the amount borrowed, which is reduced by paying any amount exceeding Principle, Principal - Daily Writing Tips

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Vice-principal - Wikipedia Unlike the principal, the vice-principal does not have quite the decision-making authority that the principal carries. Although they still carry nearly the same authority among students, vice-principals do not have the same power on the board. Experience as an assistant principal is often a prerequisite for advancement to a principalship. Page 2 - How Do You Spell Relief? Ch. 2 - Incest/Taboo ... How Do You Spell Relief? Ch. 2 she wanted my mothers assurance that this would be dealt with appropriately or she would have to go to the principal. She closed the door softly behind her and I just sat there, staring into my hands that were folded in my lap. Teacher: Billy, how do you spell Crocodile?... -

9 Mar 2009 I was reading a scientific recommendation the other day when I came upon the phrase "principle investigator." It had me worried. Did the project